Truck Safety Inspection & 5th Wheel Lubrication

Comprehensive Truck Safety Inspection & 5th Wheel Care

Drive with confidence and ensure your fleet’s safety with TaaS Africa’s Truck Safety Inspection & 5th Wheel Lubrication services. Designed to maintain impeccable road safety standards and optimise maintenance intervals, our services keep your trucks in prime condition, journey after journey.

Problem Identification

The gap between manufacturer-recommended service intervals can leave room for safety oversights. Does your team have the expertise to maintain safety and identify potential maintenance issues during these periods?

Our Solution

TaaS Africa bridges this gap with thorough safety inspections and servicing at critical mileage points to ensure your trucks meet all safety requirements and operational standards.

How It Works

Our team conducts inspections and servicing every 20,000 to 30,000 kilometres, or once every 5 to 7 months, in line with manufacturer recommendations. We give special attention to the 5th Wheel—the crucial link between your truck and trailer—providing monthly inspections and graphite lubrication to prevent wear and tear and costly repairs.

What We Offer

Our experienced technicians possess the technical knowledge necessary to conduct in-depth safety inspections and carry out maintenance that ensures your fleet operates safely and efficiently. By identifying and addressing issues early, we help you avoid preventable maintenance costs and keep your fleet running without unplanned stops.

The Benefits

Stay ahead of potential issues with regular, professional inspections that enhance the safety of your fleet and everyone on the road. Proactive maintenance, especially of critical components like the 5th Wheel, leads to reduced repair costs and extends the life of your fleet.

Implementation Process

We seamlessly integrate with your fleet’s schedule to set up regular inspections and lubrication services without disrupting your operations. Our commitment to your fleet’s performance and safety is ongoing. We provide consistent support and advice to maintain high safety standards.