Expert Refurbishment for Peak Trailer Performance

Crafting resilience into every mile, TaaS Africa’s Refurbishment & Accident Damage Repairs Centre is dedicated to restoring and enhancing your trailers. Our mission is clear: to deliver RMI approved, high-quality refurbishment services that not only extend the life of your trailers but also optimize your operational costs.

Our Mission in Refurbishment

With state-of-the-art refurbishment centres located at Phoenix and in Pretoria West, we are equipped to handle any level of repair work, ensuring your trailers return to service swiftly and safely.

Leverage our partnerships with major insurance companies for a superior price structure that delivers value without compromising on quality.

Understand our commitment to rapid, efficient service delivery designed to minimize downtime, keeping your fleet on the move.

Refurbishment Services

Choose from a 5-year plan or custom solutions specifically designed to reduce replacement costs and extend your trailer’s operational lifecycle.

Our team of Plascon-approved, expertly trained staff ensures that every repair is carried out to the highest standards, with a focus on durability and finish.

Rely on our stringent quality checks and replacement services for safety-critical items, compliant with Jost specifications, to uphold the highest safety standards.

Before and After Repairs

Visualize the transformation with our before and after gallery, showcasing the dramatic improvements and quality workmanship on actual client trailers.

Why Trust TaaS Africa?

We monitor and report on defective steel, ensuring that every refurbishment passes our quality control standards. From initial damage assessment to the final touches, our comprehensive service covers every aspect of trailer refurbishment.

Getting Started with Our Centre

Begin with a detailed assessment to discuss your refurbishment needs and explore your custom plan options. Our transparent process ensures you are informed at every stage, from drop-off to pick-up. Post-refurbishment, we continue to offer support and advice to maintain the condition of your trailers.