Maximise Your Fleet's Uptime with Premier Trailer Maintenance & Parts

In the dynamic world of fleet management, every second of uptime counts. TaaS Africa's Trailer Maintenance & Parts service ensures your trailers are always road-ready and performing at their best. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime with our comprehensive maintenance plans.

Problem Identification

Understand the challenge of keeping your fleet operational amidst unpredictable maintenance demands. Downtime isn't just inconvenient—it's costly.

Our Solution

Our full maintenance plan is meticulously designed to address every aspect of trailer upkeep, combining expert labour with premium OEM parts for unparalleled reliability.

How It Works

Benefit from our precision scheduling with tailored yearly, monthly, and weekly service plans, ensuring your fleet's availability aligns perfectly with your operational requirements. With a dedicated national fleet manager and a skilled technician-to-trailer ratio, receive the expertise and focused attention your fleet deserves.

What We Offer

From air systems to brakes and electricals, our extensive inventory of OEM parts means we're always equipped to maintain the highest standards of performance and safety. We proactively manage cost factors, offering a strategic maintenance approach that's responsive to your fleet's specific road and operational conditions.

The Benefits

Keep your fleet moving with a maintenance partner that's as invested in your uptime as you are. Our proactive alerts and live communication systems mean issues are addressed before they become problems. With TIMA's cutting-edge technology, experience real-time monitoring and reporting that brings the current service status of your trailers right to your desk—no delays, no guesswork.