Revolutionise Fleet Management with TIMA's Paperless Precision

Enter the new era of fleet management with TIMA by TaaS Africa, where real-time data and paperless efficiency redefine what’s possible. Operating across South Africa, Thailand, and Brazil, TIMA is your key to unlocking seamless operations, unwavering safety, and strict compliance, all through a transformative digital experience.

The TIMA Advantage

In the fast-paced realm of transport, the speed of information is vital. TIMA ensures you’re always a step ahead with live data that’s accurate and audit-proof, enabling rapid, informed decisions.

Break away from paper-based limitations and embrace a digital workflow that’s as good for the planet as it is for your productivity.

TIMA’s digital job card isn’t just innovative—it’s infallible. Achieve and maintain high compliance standards with a system designed to document every check and balance meticulously.

Core Features

Experience the core of TIMA—a system that revolutionises routine checks and maintenance scheduling, turning tasks into a seamless digital flow, complete with real-time updates and imagery.
With TIMA’s intelligent analytics dashboard, oversee your fleet’s performance metrics, track maintenance actions, and stay informed with actionable insights.
Leverage TIMA’s proactive alerts to stay ahead of maintenance needs, reducing downtime and extending vehicle life spans, all managed from the comfort of your desk.

Training & Empowerment

TIMA’s technology is matched by our commitment to empower your staff. With tailored training that instills a deep understanding of sophisticated fleet systems and compliance requirements, your team will manage your fleet with unprecedented efficiency.

Start with TIMA

Transitioning to TIMA is effortless. Our team ensures a smooth integration with your existing systems, supported by comprehensive training. Your fleet management will continue to evolve with TIMA, backed by constant updates and dedicated support that keeps you ahead of the curve.