Streamlining Your Fleet Compliance with Licence and COF Renewals

Navigate the complexities of fleet compliance with ease. TaaS Africa’s bespoke service takes the hassle out of licence and Certificate of Fitness (COF) renewals, especially for those operating in rural areas. We ensure your fleet stays legal and ready for the road.

Problem Identification

Keeping up with the administrative tasks of licence renewals and roadworthiness can be time-consuming, particularly for fleets that traverse rural areas.

Our Solution

TaaS Africa offers a comprehensive service to manage and renew your fleet's licences and Road Fitness Certificates annually, ensuring your vehicles meet all regulatory requirements without interruption to your operations.

How It Works

We take care of the annual renewal process for licences and fitments, as well as Road Fitness Certificates, maintaining the compliance and roadworthiness of your fleet. Our experts prepare your trailers to meet all road safety specifications, conducting thorough checks and updates as needed for full compliance.

What We Offer

Our services are designed with the unique needs of rural-based operations in mind, providing a reliable solution no matter where your fleet is located. Rest easy knowing that all paperwork and regulatory checks are managed efficiently, ensuring your fleet adheres to the latest safety standards.

The Benefits

Free yourself from the complexities of compliance. Our dedicated service means you never have to worry about the validity of your fleet’s licences and COFs. Avoid the risks of non-compliance such as fines or operational delays. Our service ensures your fleet remains on the move, compliant, and in top condition.

Implementation Process

Contact us to set up your annual renewal service. We’ll gather all necessary information and handle the rest, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our service is not just a one-time convenience. We offer ongoing management, ensuring your fleet’s licences and COFs are always up to date.