1413 Digital Data Transformation

Transform Your Fleet with 1413 Digital Data Transformation

In a world where timely and trustworthy data underpins every strategic decision, TaaS Africa introduces the 1413 Digital Data Transformation. Spearheaded by the insight that real-time data and actionable insights are key to driving efficiencies and cost-effective operations, this service transcends traditional fleet management. Experience unparalleled visibility into the health and utilization of your trailers, ensuring operational excellence and advanced road safety.

Why 1413 Digital Data Transformation

Elevate your fleet’s operational intelligence beyond mere GPS tracking. With our comprehensive monitoring capabilities, understand every aspect of your trailer’s condition in real-time.

Empower your management processes with data that speaks. Make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time information, enhancing efficiency and safety across your operations.
Shift from reactive to proactive with timely alerts on maintenance needs, ensuring your fleet remains on the move with maximized uptime.

Key Features

Gain instant access to critical data points including air pressure levels, weight distribution, tyre inflation, and more, directly impacting your fleet’s safety and efficiency.
Receive proactive notifications on potential issues, with detailed reports on necessary maintenance actions, ensuring your trailers spend more time on the road and less in the shop.

Our platform is delivered via 4G and developed in collaboration with leading component suppliers like Wabco, ensuring a holistic and accurate solution for your fleet management needs.
Leverage comprehensive usage and health data of each trailer, accessible from anywhere, to solve problems faster and more efficiently.

How It Works


Seamlessly integrate the 1413 Digital Data Transformation tools with your existing fleet management systems.


Begin real-time monitoring of your fleet, utilizing our comprehensive data collection capabilities.


Utilize actionable insights to make informed decisions, proactively manage maintenance, and improve overall fleet performance.